The Core of the Vico Construction-Oriented Environment.Using the Vico Office client you can publish and seamlessly merge 3D models from Autodesk Revit®, Tekla Structures®, and Graphisoft ArchiCAD®, thus forming an integrated BIM environment.


The published information can be accessed by Vico Office modules to perform integrated 3D, 4D, and 5D activities, such as quantity takeoff, cost planning, constructability analysis, and



The Vico Office Client also includes model version management, extensive viewing modes, and data filtering tools, which

enable you to efficiently use and control the integrated 5D environment.


The Vico Offce Suite is purpose-built for building construction planning and management. Using The Vico Offce Suite, builders can collaborate effciently, improve predictability, reduce risk, manage cost, and optimize schedules on large, complex building projects.


The Vico Offce Suite provides a tightly-integrated solution set in which multiple Building Information Models can be aggregated, analyzed, and managed for project constructability, coordination, cost and schedule information. The Vico Offce Suite is available in easy to learn and easy to use application modules allowing each user to confgure his or her ideal solution. In this way, the solution is also expandable over time as one’s experience and needs grow.

Vico Construction Services

Expertise to Perform Virtual Construction™


Our Vico Construction Services team gives you three valuable choices. If you want to test the benefts of the 5D BIM approach before investing in software and training, Vico Construction Services will benchmark the approach on your project. If you want to deliver a project through planning and construction exploiting the benefts of 5D BIM all along the way, Vico Construction Services will work under contract as your in-house BIM team. And if you want to implement our solutions inside your firm, Vico Construction Services will bring software training and our proven best practices to your team.


Leading General Contractors, Construction Managers, and Building Owners tell us that to leverage the real benefts 5D BIM, going well beyond the marketing layer of 3D renderings and 4D movies that have nothing to do with a real project schedule, requires change in their work processes. Working with Vico Construction Services is a cost-effective and safe way to both quantify the benefts of 5D BIM and, at the same time, observe and plan for the changes needed to maximize the results yourself.


Vico Construction Services has performed over two hundred and ffty BIM projects for our clients. We are one of the world’s most advanced users of our own software, so we know how to make the process work and we demand that our software supports the real world of building construction.

Our organization is managed to Six Sigma principles, and we diligently document our learnings and best practices along the way. Our team is comprised of estimators, planners, project managers, modelers, and construction experts. We test ourselves and our software on every engagement, so you know you are working with a proven team and proven solutions.


TheVico Office Suite

The Vico Office Suite consists of a core module and a set of discipline-specific application modules. Each Vico Office application shares access to the same, integrated, project database thus ensuring a change in one place is reflected everywhere. The User Interface across all the modules is consistent, predictable, and highly visual. As a result users can quickly learn and use the system, moreover they retain their knowledge over extended periods of non-use.



The Vico Office Environment supports the varied disciplines involved in the planning and management of complex building construction projects. And it supports them at a number of contextual levels that vary according to the user, the project phase, and the task at hand. We call these levels Explore, Plan, Control, and Manage. So whether you are a cost planner working on a

schematic-phase estimate, or a project engineer

re-forecasting the schedule midway through construction, the Vico Office Environment delivers the right tools in the right context at the right time.

Sample Workflow

Publish a 3D BIM Model


Simply select ‘Publish to Vico’ to transfer the model’s 3D geometry, including properties like object type and family name, to the Vico Offce Environment database


Review and Refine Model Takeoff


In the Takeoff Manager, accurate construction quantities are derived from the existing geometry, including the location data. When selecting a Takeoff Item the corresponding elements in the 3D View are highlighted.


Plan Cost


Inside the Cost Planner Excel-like interface, you can add assemblies and components in an n-tiered structure. Using the Formula Editor, you can quickly access multiple quantity types in the model, flter locations, and refne the calculation.



Control Cost


In the Takeoff Manager, accurate construction quantities are derived from the existing geometry, including the location data. When selecting a Takeoff Item the corresponding elements in the 3D View are highlighted.


Create and Control Schedules


IThe location-based Flowline view is used to create an optimized, compressed schedule and to check schedule feasibility. What-if and

Risk analyses are also included to improve schedule predictability


Generate Reports


The powerful report engine, together with the integrated database, enable you to generate reports on the fly, customize the layout to ft

your company standards, and beneft from constantly updated information, and an online communication tool

TheVico Office Suite Applications

The Vico Office Suite is comprised of applications, or modules, that address specific disciplines or areas of interest across the projectteam

The Vico Office Client module is the central access point for models and model information. From here the user creates a project, manages the versions of published models coming into that project, performs reporting, and accomplishes viewing, navigation, and other filtering/selection

Vico Takeoff Manager performs automated quantity takeoff from the model. The user creates takeoff items, visually verifies model elements included in the quantities, and manually subtracts or adds model elements in quantity calculations

Vico Cost Explorer allows users to set

up target costs, compare versions of estimates, and create reports and visual comparisons. All targets and comparisons can be specific to any level in the project’s location hierarchy.

Vico Cost Planner allows users to create and edit assemblies and components for purposes of completing cost estimates. The formula editor is entirely new and highly visual making Cost Planner a complete and easy-to-use cost estimating application.


The Vico LBS Manager allows users to create zones, or location breakdown structures, that can easily tie to the project’s task schedule. Hierarchical location breakdown structures allow flexibility in mapping tasks to assemblies and components.

Vico Constructability Manager allows users to create, track and report constructability issues. Clash detection is semiautomated to include user validation and thecreation of any new constructability issue. Users can also manually create constructability objects inserted into the model to flag non-geometric (i.e. non-clash) issues.

Vico Control is a unique location-based

construction management system. Incorporating locations, quantities, and crew productivity rates in Controls FlowlineTM view produces clear and accurate projects schedules based on derived durations for each task.

Vico Doc Set Manager automates the

process of checking one construction drawing set against another for revisions. Change Manager processes hundreds or thousands of drawing files automatically to identify changes to existing drawings, new drawings added to the set, or old drawings missing from the set

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