Professional Implementation

  • Installation and setup of products or software in server and clients/workstations
  • Training the trainers or super users for products or software.
  • Supervising the use or operation of  products or software after training
  • Go-Live System for  products
  • Providing Technical Support after Go-Live (by phone, fax, email)


Training Program

Training is an important part of implementating our service. There are several trainings we are going to conducts in order to make the solution/system implementation much faster and easier. In other words, training will increase the success rate of system implementation.

The trainings here are to train the trainers or super users. Your company should assign and have groups of dedicated trainers or super users based upon the above individual modules or software applications. Each group will be in charge and responsible for the assigned module or software application, from the start of the system implementation thru system Go-Live. A minimum of 3 (three) dedicated persons per assigned group is recommended.

The trainings will be conducted in Estindo office or premises. Training manuals, certificates, lunch/snack, and workstation for each trainee will be provided. The training will follow the standarized training curriculum designed by our Principals. In general, the trainings will be carried out after the Kick-Off-Meeting and the approved system design.

Maintenance & Support

Our service comes with SSM (Software Support & Maintenance) for the first year. The SSM will cover:


Technical Support services by phone, fax, email, and chatting thru the internet, and will be handled by Estindo technical support team during a normal business hours, Monday–Friday, 08.00–17.00 WIB.


Software Maintenance for Major Upgrades (New Versions), Minor Upgrades, Patches, Hot Fixes and Service Pack (SP) from our Principals, Trimble Systems, Inc.  In addition, customers or users will receive the following comprehensive support benefits from our Principal, Trimble Systems, Inc.


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