A Proven Track Record Of Successful Project Delivery

Since 1993, Prolog has helped more than 6,000 architecture, engineering and construction organizations to increase efficiency, reduce construction project risk, control project costs, and provide complete transparency to project stakeholders.

Designed by construction professionals for construction professionals, Prolog is built for project maagers accountale for construction costs, scope of schedules, and for project teams contributing to the successful delivery of projects.


Multiple deployment options, including self-host and software-as-a-service, allow you to tailor Prolog specifically to your needs and offers you the flexibility to either capitalize or expense the cost.

Collaborate with the team via Prolog using a standard web browser - no software to install.


Team members are able to work with project data directly through familiar interfaces, reducing training requirements and increasing user adoption.


Prolog works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to initiate documents such as RFI's, submittals or any other process directly from email. The information is captured automatically by Prolog for a complete project record.


Seamlessly integrate with BIM and other External Systems. Update Materials in the Field Using Prolog Mobile. Visualize Material Progress in BIM.


Barcodes & RFID may be used to instantly identify and locate Materials in th Fied. Materials may also be linked and verified Submittals.


Powerful Technology


Prolog comes with today's industry processes built in, yet is flexible enough to meet individual projects requirements, support a mobile workforce, and complement your existing mission-critical software investments.


Not only your project data centralized, it can be efficiently shared with other systemns, all while adhering to the business logic, security settings and the system nomenclature established by your organization.




Complete Construction Project Management

For Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Firms

PrologĀ® construction project management software provides unparalleled visibility and control over your projects by delivering true construction management functionality from

the field to the back office


Bring your entire project team together, in real-time, online construction project management environment.


Reduce project cost, schedule risk and exposure  by enabling teams to collaborate on the critical required to deliver projects on time and on budget.


Increase user adoption within your organization through a construction-specific solution and role-based user interfaces.


Make decisions quickly using up-to-date project data from field workers using Prolog Mobile.


Increase eficiencies by enabling interoperability between Prolog construction project management and your other critical business applications.


Create end-to-end business solutions with an extensible, interoperable Web service platform that allows diverse systems and organizations to work together.


Benefit from tomorrow's technology today by integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) data with your project management system.

Flexible and Efficient

Prolog  gives you the flexibility to access information and processes through a variety of familiar user interfaces. Whether it's a project executive viewing roll-up reports via Microsoft Outlook, a superintendent who prefers to work in Excel, or a field worker at a job site working on a tablet device, Prolog brings extended project teams together across geographical locations, in online and offline environments, and across different technology systems and devices.

Effective Management of Construction Processes

Effectively manage and automate a comprehensive set of construction processes in a single system of record.

Cost Control

Budgets, costs, commintments,


Change orders, potential CO

Invoices and payments

Dashboard and reports

File Management

Files and folders

Uploading and downloading

View and redline

Linking to other documents

Document Control

Drawings and specifications


Dunning letters

Meeting minutes

Requests for information

Submittal packages

Field Administration

Closeout logs

Employee tracking

Daily work journals

Notice to comply

Punch lists

Safety notices


Vendor management

Bid packages and analysis

Bid awards and communications

Buyout items and groups

Contract attachments


Access to over 400 standard reports

Crytsal based reports

Copy existing reports

Flexible distribution

Materials Tracking

Dashboard reporting

Integrated mobile solution

Web services

The Prologue suite includes flexibility technology that allows architecture, engineering and construction firms to tailor a solution to their unique work cultures, project management processes, and users.

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